Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parker was posing today, thought i might as well put up a picture now that my phone is on so i can get them to my computer more easily :)

today has been an "off day" here, glad to spend it quietly and hopefully go out tomorrow.

Monday, January 16, 2012

lazy day

Parker here! Mommy's not feeling good today, so i'm typing! i'm doing my job, laying on mommys legs right now because she says they are "restless" tonight. yesterday mommy fell asleep at 7:30, and stayed asleep till 11am, but shes still tired. so i take care of her, and stay with her. i also helped her do laundry today because she couldnt pull the clothes out. i earned lots of praise :) mommy says im the best dog ever!

Friday, January 6, 2012

a day in the life

Well today was mostly fun for Parker and I, we used every ounce of his training so we could go to a concert tonight :) Parker keeps me from panicking by keeping pressure against me all the time, putting his front legs on my lap when my heart rate increased, and doing a controlled pull to help me enter and exit the crowd wen i was "spaced out". he did very well, only one minor glitch when one of the singing groups ran down the isle and we weren't expecting it! Parker and I were both off guard!.
Oh well, im pretty used to this. and the concert was really enjoyable with the help of Parker and boyfriend :) now im at home, still having a kind of hard time with sensory stuff (everything's loud, too bright, and itchy :P) and Parker's on my lap keeping me grounded :) i love this dog.