Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet Parker!

Hi all! My name is Parker, and i am a service dog! usually if you ask my mommy for more details she will call me a Medical response or Psychiatric service dog, but my jobs are changing, so we say im just a helper :) you can ask me questions about myself, and i'll answer every single one in my posts, but for now let me tell you about when i was a puppy.

My mommy adopted me from the humane society. they said i was a Jack Russell and that i had a short leg because of a birth defect. mommy didn't care, and she just wanted a friend so she took me home.

Mommy says's we'll tell you about my short leg another time, and not to let her forget!

Well, the longer i knew mommy the more i tuned into her. i learned to help her with her panic attacks, and when she was so depressed she wouldn't eat or sleep for days. i was a good friend.
I learned this from Mollie, she's my mommy's other "heart dog" as she calls us. Mollie helped my mommy in school because she would get very overwhelmed and have to leave classes without help.

Well, as i got older and Mollie taught me more, mommy started taking me to school, and Mollie stayed home because she has a "displaysia" my mommy says, and she had to retire. so i started learning everything Mollie knew.

Now, i go almost everywhere with mommy. I know all my public manners, and the only thing that still phases me it other dogs. Molly says i need to leave them alone, but i don't like to! But i'm learning better now, and since we've only met another working dog 5 times in the 3 years mommy has taken me in public, its really no big deal. we just give space :)

well that's the basics about me... oh except mommy says to tell you. I'm most likely Rat Terrier. i weigh 23lbs and i am full of energy! and here's mommy's favorite picture of me! Oh and PLEASE ask us questions either here or on my facebook ( I am Parker Mang! the one with the picture of a dog ;)