Saturday, April 14, 2012


"omg a DOG!" (no dip.)

"you cant have a dog in the store!!" (yes, i can)

"are you blind or something?" (of course, that explains why im standing here reading a label)

"whats WRONG with you?" (yes, i LOVE sharing my medical history)

"It must be so hard to let them go" (hes NOT a pup, and im NOT a raiser.)

"awwww how old is your puppy??" (again, NOT a pup, 4 years old. just a bit small)

"hi puppy! hereeeee puppy puppy!! PUPPYYYYYYYY!!!!" (me:real mature, lady. Parker: mom, is she a big child?)

"my (insert relation here) has a dog too!" (yes. so do several billion other people... i care why?)

"awww can i pet himmmmm?" (can you read?)
"Is that a *gasp* dog?" (no, clearly a rabbit)

"Dogs aren't ALLOWED" (go read the sign on the door of the store and tell me again)

"Ewww what if it has diseases!!" (EWWWWW what if your nasty 2 year old touches my food!!!!)

"Does it bite?" (yes, a lot, thats clearly why i take him in public)

"Woa, how did you get that dog in here?!" (dog? OH you mean my shapes hifting ninja. its easy)

"Where can I get one of those thingies (vests)"
(all you have to do is go get a disabling, painful condition, and ill GIVE you one!)

"Wow, it's so well trained!!" (The dog is just sitting there or laying there....) -_-" (yeah, takes YEARS to teach them to lay down...)

"Awww poor thing, you're so mean" (yup, thats why hes wagging his tail at me)

"Hi dog! What's your name?" (talks to the dog...)" (im sorry, he doesnt speak "idiot")

"I know I'm not supposed to pet you buuut.... (continues petting dog)" (*slaps hand* NO! bad human, BAD!)

(Person reads aloud "AUTISSSMMM SERRRVICE DOOOG") "Sooo, the dog is for like... blind people right?" x.x
(yes clearly. cause you know you spell blind a-u-t-i-s-m.)

(thank you sadie for these questions, responses are mine)

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